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Duplex Addition and Remodel

Santa Monica, CA

Zone: Residential

Phase: Completed



Within the limited site size and height restrictions common to all developments, I created the illusion of greater space by emphasizing the vertical component of a volume. Just as one would do in any city plan where real estate is limited both in available land and land costs, the trick is to go up. So in this rear unit of a two unit duplex in Santa Monica, I created colorful and bright, high spaces for a family of 3 soon to be a family of 4. Even the childrens bedrooms have loft spaces with ladders to maximize useable space.

Looking Up the Stairs

I wanted to allow natural light to wash every available space. Light is everything. Even this simple three foot wide oakwood stairway would feel wider and and more grande with the right amount of the exterior brought in.

From the Kitchen

I enlisted the skills of the general contractor to cast in place all the kitchen countertops. We did this on a fairly limited budget and thus did not go through the current list of architect – design build firms that specialize in this process. Creating a custom mold, with special concrete add-mixtures and surface preparations could easily surpass the cost of even the rarest of natural stone surfaces. We achieved a smooth, glossy charcoal grey concrete surface which is both durable and, in it’s plasticity, very beautiful for the palette of kitchen textures.